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A little about me, First I would like to say I claim no tribal enrollment to any Federally recognized Native American tribes and honor the Indian Arts and Crafts law by calling my flutes Native American Style flutes and or woodland flutes. That having been said, I have Cherokee heritage on my Mothers side and Russian on my Fathers side. So now, a little about my flute journey..... In the early eighties we attended a powwow here in Ohio where we met Arnold Richardson, my first contact with a flutemaker, and my first taste of flute music. Having been a carpenter and woodworker my whole life I was fascinated and blown away by the looks and sounds of Arnold's flutes. Thus started a life long passion and journey into flutemaking. With my forever love Kosh,we developed a style of flutes that has appealed to collectors over the last 30 something years. Another honored elder who has greatly influenced my work is Hawk Littlejohn whose work I was guided to by another influence in my journey, Mac Lopez, who helped me to create my flutes with a woodlands voicing I love. I try to honor my craft by following my muse. It has been a wonderful journey, filled with beautiful people, and magical interactions. Although I feel I am entering the home stretch of my Journey, I hope to continue making flutes as long as I live! It`s a Passion!! Blessings, Billy Crowbeak